Rosedale Village Shopping Center is included in the new “Lo-Burn” IBIZ District

Rosedale Village, an old-fashioned mercantile-style Shopping Center, is an inner-urban redevelopment project that initiated a surge of redevelopment along lower Burnet Road in Austin, Texas. Rosedale Village is a collection of locally owned, eclectic destinations and falls in the vibrant cosmopolitan heart of “Lo-Burn,”

Local business owners on Burnet Road have dubbed the concentrated stretch of Burnet Road between 45th Street and North Loop Boulevard “Lo-Burn,” a shortened name for Lower Burnet, to give the new IBIZ District a unique identity. The Austin Independent Business Alliance has designated the area the eighth independent Business Investment Zone (IBIZ) in Austin, Texas, and it is home to over 65 locally owned businesses...

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About Rosedale Village:

Rosedale Village is more than just an urban oasis. It is also a testament to the determination of Frank Taylor “F.T.” Ramsey to preserve the natural environment for the enjoyment of future Texans. Five generations of descendants of the pioneering horticulturist have shared his vision, a heritage reflected in the picturesque and relaxing surroundings of the Village.

F.T. was born on June 15, 1861, in Burnet County, Texas, to Alexander Murray and Ellen (Taylor) Ramsey. After becoming a partner at the age of 16 in Alexander’s Burnet County nursery, F.T. and his father scouted the state by horseback and buckboard to identify and collect native plants and trees. They dubbed these specimens “choice wildings” and subsequently placed them in cultivation.

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